EASY STEPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS through Dance yoga-NrityaYogsutra.  NrityaYogsutra a Yogic dance therapy.

Weight gain and development of obesity is a major concern now a days for many people. After trying many diet plans and getting tired of boring gym exercise , it is seen that people stop following every fitness programs and then gain more weight than before. 

Moreover weight gain is not just associated with looks but it Is harmful in many ways as it invites heart diseases, diabetes, joint pains and even cancers. It  also brings psychological disorders like stress, depression , body consciousness and so many nervous disorders.  

So  to tackle obesity first and foremost thing you need is strong willpower and determination of mind. Many people fail over here only. And also choose such a program which is sustainable and of your interest. 

Any fitness regime should become your lifestyle. It’s not a short time practice to give you lifetime effects. 

Here is a best solution which is not boring as it’s a dance which everyone loves. NrityaYogsutra is a new innovative dance form which has an amalgamation of different therapies like mudra, reflex zone, chakra meditation which are beneficial for body health and mental health. Also to mention very easy to follow. 

This is a systematic and scientific solution very well researched by many Yoga Acharya , doctors , acupressure therapists and so many others. 

This course under the name Aakar NYS provides you very sustainable and beautiful practices along with music therapy. So overall it takes care of everything like body and mind with soulful experience.

The well trained teachers of NrityaYogsutra takes you through the practice gradually and gently so as your mind and body will remain engage throughout the conduct.

The striking features of NrityaYogsutra AAKAR NrityaYogsutra are , many people suffering from obesity who are also having some or other health issues minor to major also got benefits to overcome their problems. To mention here like PCOD, frozen shoulder, sciatica, thyroid,irregular menses etc.

 NYS helps to bring back good body shape, increased vital capacity and joyful mood this is what people mention about NrityaYogsutra.

It’s a sutra , a thread which beautiful binds the principals of Dance and Yoga together.