Children NrityaYogsutra

Help Your Child Build a Better
Immunity System and Concentration

A Growing Child battles with many problems like
Low Immunity, Stamina, Concentration, etc.
Help Your Child overcome all of these problems with a
Simple and Fun routine of Yoga and Dance.

What does Children NrityaYogsutra consist of?

This specialized program of NrityaYogsutra is made specially for kids and consists of various poses of yoga that are beneficial for your child. The poses and steps are designed such that they are easy to follow and don’t require prior knowledge or experience of the same. The fun dance steps and calming beat of music will help them enjoy the process rather than be bored by it.

Benefits of Children NrityaYogsutra

  • Build better immune response
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Achieve body flexibility and bone strength 
  • Express their emotions well
  • Not at all competitive
  • Improves Breathing
  • Better Sleep
  • Improve Quotient of Happiness


How does Children NrityaYogsutra work?

  • As Children NrityaYogsutra is performed on meditative music, it helps children calm their mind and focus on the task at hand.
  • Different poses help them get great benefits of Yoga, build a better Immunity, and achieve Body Flexibility and Bone Strength. 
  • The amusing steps of dance on the beat of music is an all-round joyous experience that they would be thrilled to repeat every day.
  • The tapping of feet on ground presses certain acupoints and hence releases energy from different Chakras. 
  • It makes sure that your child has all the energy they need for the day.
  • Graceful Mudras practice gives benefits at physical and mental level.

We are transforming the way people do exercises.

NrityaYogsutra helps people how to be physically fit and mentally healthy so they can lead joyful life

This is what our Children NYS practitioner say….