Niramay NrityaYogsutra

An All-round solution for all your health problems
Fight major problems and diseases related to

Mental illness
And Many more


Dance, Yoga and Music. 

How can a simple routine of dance and yoga heal serious health conditions?

Niramay NrityaYogsutra is a program specially designed to counter many diseases. It acts on a specific organ or disease that may be of concern to your health. The poses,mudras and steps involved would directly act on many of the problems that you might be facing and heal your body accordingly. Performed on meditative music, this practice is easy, joyful and very effective.

Benefits of Niramay NrityaYogsutra

  • Targets specific ailments and diseases
  • Flexibility and strength in body
  • Improves motor ability 
  • Improves mental health
  • Makes you happy
  • Stabilizes your life 
  • Balances hormones


How does Niramay NrityaYogsutra work? 

  • Niramay NrityaYogsutra is a combination of Dance ,Yoga, reflexology,mudra therapy and chakra meditation thus giving benefits of all.
  • While dancing gives you joy and happiness, yoga provides many health benefits.
  • The stretching and different steps involved helps achieve flexibility in your body and also improve motor ability.
  • The different poses of Niramay NrityaYogsutra helps you counter many diseases that harm not only your body but your mind and soul too.
  • Performed on meditative music, it calms your mind and makes you happy inside and out.
  • Building a routine and practicing Niramay NrityaYogsutra accordingly will help you bring your life back on track.
  • Niramay NrityaYogsutra program will enable and cleanse chakras in your body for better flow of energy and start healing your body from inside.

We are transforming the way people do exercises.

NrityaYogsutra helps people how to be physically fit and mentally healthy so they can lead joyful life

This is what our NYS practitioner say….

 A positive change I noticed in myself since I started practicing breathing exercises and chakra meditation regularly. This was not at all physically exhausting. Initially, it was hard for me to concentrate as lots of thoughts were going in my mind but now I can say that the time for which I practice meditation, it gives me a great relaxation experience.
Though I’m a psychologist,  I was finding it difficult to manage my thoughts and emotions but sience I have started this practice, I could see a great progress in me psychologically and emotionally. I thank you for making me enable to experience this positive change in me.


Akanksha Brahme 


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