Nitya NrityaYogsutra

Prevent Yourself from Lifetime of Diseases and health disorders.

Achieve an overall well-being of
Body,Mind and Spirit
with the help of a proper Health Management system that is a integration of

Indian Classical Dance

Dancing and Yoga Together?

NrityaYogsutra is an elegant form which combines Dance and Yoga, that will help you get great benefits from both the activities.
Dance is associated with Happiness while Yoga is associated with Health and
NrityaYogsutra is a combination of both.  

Benefits of Nitya NrityaYogsutra 

  • No more Back Aches
  • Better flexibility 
  • Happiness as a result of calm and peaceful mind
  • Cleansing of chakras to ensure proper flow of energy
  • slow and rhythmic practice helps to achieve natural pace of heart and lungs.
  • Acupressure to release stress and tension from the body
  • Stress relief with joyful dance movements and meditative music.

How does Nitya NrityaYogsutra works? 

  • Nitya NrityaYogsutra is performed on the beat of music and the steps involved would help you stretch your body.
  • The yogic poses aid with certain problems and diseases, making you healthy and flexible.
  • The use of Mudras combined with various graceful movements enhances the effect of dance therapy.
  • The music acts as a way of attaining a meditative state to calm your mind.
  • The tapping of foot on ground presses certain acupoints, which enables your Chakra and cleanses it while also releasing excess energy.
  • The NYS practice also gives you pleasure and happiness which keeps your mind and body fresh.


We are transforming the way people do exercises.

NrityaYogsutra helps people how to be physically fit and mentally healthy so they can lead joyful life

This is what our NYS practitioner say….

After completion of this course now I am a person who is enthusiast and energized in every moment of day. And I will definitely give complete credit to Dr. Sangeeta Pethkar ma’am who found this beautiful course which is named as “NrityaYogsutra Therapeutic Dance Form”. This course completely changed me and my approach towards life. I got to learn number of Aasnas and Mudras which is highly beneficial to control your mental and physical health. 

Dhanashree Jopale

Junior Engineer

When I came to know about this course i found the name itself is very interesting “NrityaYogsutra”. I love to dance and I love fitness too so this is perfect combination that is helpful in my field.In this course i have learnt so many new things, it helped me to improve my balancing skill too. This course is helpful in physical as well as mental health. I am one of the happy member from NYS.

Dhanashree Ghate

Zumba instructor 

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