Dancing and Yoga Together?

Dance is associated with Happiness while Yoga is associated with Health and

NrityaYogsutra is a combination of both.

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Achieve an overall well-being of
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What is NrityaYogsutra?

NrityaYogsutra is a graceful dance form of ancient yogic movements (Asanas) and Hasta Mudras performed on soothing, meditative music through which one can also get the benefits of Acupressure and Chakras to achieve Physical fitness, Mental health, and Spiritual Well-being.

Embrace more about NrityaYogsutra from the Founder-
Dr.Sangeeta Pethkar.

NrityaYogsutra -Dr.Sangeeta

How does NrityaYogsutra works? 

  • NrityaYogsutra is performed on the beat of music and the steps involved would help you stretch your body.
  • The yogic poses aid with certain problems and diseases, making you healthy and flexible.
  • The use of Mudras combined with various graceful movements enhances the effect of dance therapy.
  • The music acts as a way of attaining a meditative state to calm your mind.
  • The tapping of foot on ground presses certain acupoints, which enables your Chakra and cleanses it while also releasing excess energy.
  • The NYS practice also gives you pleasure and happiness which keeps your mind and body fresh.

We are transforming the way people do exercises.

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Benefits of NrityaYogsutra 

  • No more Back Aches
  • Better flexibility 
  • Happiness as a result of calm and peaceful mind
  • Cleansing of chakras to ensure proper flow of energy
  • slow and rhythmic practice helps to achieve natural pace of heart and lungs.
  • Acupressure to release stress and tension from the body
  • Stress relief with joyful dance movements and meditative music.

Why NrityaYogsutra 

Sheer joy

You may feel bored from practicing traditional yoga, but the same practice in NrityaYogsutra gives you sheer joy & peace.


It’s easy to practice, and you can make it a daily routine for rejuvenation. 


All the movements follow yogic principles, which empower you to achieve all your health goals.


Beautiful body movements.


Feel Happy because of creative body movements. A state of physical & mental equilibrium.


It Unlocks the power to transform the body and mind. 

NrityaYogsutra Dance Therapy is recognized by Health and science department of YCMOU (Largest Govt.University)

This is what our NYS practitioner say….

We are passionate about NrityaYogsutra

I really benefited from low BP, got body tones and got into the habit of regular practice. from NYS practice Flexibility in my body has increased as well Energy also and so the confidence got boosted.

Shilpa Kotkar
Shilpa Kotkar


The course NrityaYogsutra was a lovely journey together! The course has helped me to relate yoga, dance movement and music to the physical anatomy, nutrition, spirituality and various other aspects! I look forward to staying in touch and continuing to explore this world!


Bharatanatyam dancer

 Aakar NYS, a weight management 
purpose and definitely helped me with the same. But more importantly it helped me with the most common problem that comes with weight gain; 
that is hormonal imbalance or PCOD.  During the entire practice, the energy and the lightness that I felt throughout the day was

Vaishnavi Mohole
Vaishnavi Mohole


What Doctors & Therapists say about NYS…

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